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About Us

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We were established based on the understanding that we live in an age in which everything can be found on the Web, which is constantly advancing and developing, and based on the desire to help businesses become part of this wonderful world: to move ahead, gain wide-reaching exposure and integrate within that world. The Israel Web Center’s aim is to promote and encourage small and large businesses, alike, to join the Web and to provide them with all the tools necessary to succeed and turn ‘virtual’ into real.

We’ve constructed an all-inclusive, 360-degree service alignment for our customers that supplies everything you need under one roof, from website building to maintenance including domain, storage, backup, support and adapting the site to smart devices. We also help promote websites on Google and the social networks, as well as providing additional tools such as applications, ‘virtual tours’ and more.

Why work with us?

Quality leads through experience and technology
Prices with no surprises

We want things to be clear to you, our customers. We have therefore created service-packages with fixed prices that include everything you need in the digital world. Contact us today to receive a quote.

Web Design with a Presence

It's important for us to understand who you are, what sets you apart from your competitors, and what your cutting edge is, so that your potential customers learn these things even faster!

Everything Under One Roof

We offer everything you need in the digital world – launching your website, maintenance, promotion, and complementary features such as virtual tours – all under one roof!

Customers’ Testimonials

Our expertise

Smart Websites
We know how to design a website that is a perfect fit for you: a website that portrays your image, an online catalogue or store – depending on your service or product.
We are here to help your business grow and gain new clients, using applications for Android or Apple.
Design with Presence
We offer design with a presence the likes of which neither you nor your clients have ever seen before! It is unique and personal and designed especially for you!
Outstanding Writing
Awesome copywriting that will convey a clear and concise message to your potential clients.
Animated clips
Today the best way to communicate your message is with video: See=Remember=Purchase
Social media promotion is our expertise
Social media promotion is our specialty.
We will connect you with companies that are in need of your services.
Today everybody searches on Google. We will make sure that only your potential clients will see you.
Public Relations
If everything we've mentioned so far is not enough, what do you think about a public relations article appearing on one of the largest Internet websites in Israel?

What's the process?

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4 Exceptional
3 Outstanding
2 Building the Correct
1 Clear-cut
1 Clear-cut

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Selected Work Samples

Before and after
Pivko Art

Top-notch architecture and high-quality construction have come together to build a luxury project with a view of the sea from every window. Ilan Pivko and the Nitzanim Company invite you to take part in the iconic architectural project that everyone is talking about.

Yossi Avrahami Construction Company

The Yossi Avrahami Construction Company is proud of the many years of experience we have accumulated over the years in initiating, planning and constructing 4,000 residential units and dozens of infrastructure and development projects. Over the years, the company has executed civil engineering projects for large government institutions and municipalities as well as luxury construction projects for private clients.

Almog Construction Company

The Almog Group is one of the top 30 groups in Israel and a leader in the entrepreneurship and construction field. The group is credited with having executed hundreds of thousands of square meters of private, industrial, and technological construction.

Rova 1 – A Luxury Project in Jerusalem

The Rova 1 project, located at the entrance to Jerusalem, ensures quick and convenient travel in and out of the city. It is close to the new train station and has many footpaths for safe, enjoyable walking.

Rami Tzarfati Construction Company

The company was established by Rami Tzarfati, an IDF reserve officer and reconnaissance platoon veteran. He is currently serving his fifth term as a member of the board of directors of the Contractors’ Association.
The company’s vision is based on its supreme values of home and family. The Rami Tzarfati Company views their construction projects as far more than mere assets and apartments. All stages of the construction process are based on the understanding that homes are for people, and the only way to build them is through excellence and creativity.

Topolski Ceramics

Founded in 1977, the Topolski Company is one of the leading companies in the field of housing culture and home design. The company imports, markets and sells the finest ceramic tiles and coverings and other complementary products for home design. It is committed to leading the field in everything related to quality, design, materials, and manufacturing technology.

The Hasson Ceramics Group

The Hasson Group has grown and developed since its inception in 1965 and accumulated a wide clientele in the fields of construction, plumbing fixtures, infrastructure and technical supply. The company’s clientele is composed largely of professionals who benefit from the highest level of professional service, quality, and reliability.

Hoshen Construction Company

Established in 1946, Hoshen Construction and Development Ltd. has accumulated extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship. The company’s financial stability derives from its many years of activity.

Gilad May Construction Company

Gilad May is a well-established real-estate company in Israel. The company specializes in initiating, planning, developing, and building a wide range of projects of various scales, including luxury residences and well-kept, high-quality neighborhoods. The company also reinforces existing buildings and adds missile-proof “Safe Rooms” in compliance with the TAMA 38 law.

A.A. Abu Ras Construction Company

A.A. Abu Ras is a private company that plans and executes engineering projects. The company, listed in Category C-5 in the Contractors’ Ledger, according to the Law of Registration of Contractors for Engineering Construction Projects (1969), is a well-known contractor for government projects. The company has been accredited by the Israel Standards Institute (ISO 9002). Since its inception, A. A. Abu Ras Co. has been active in projects for residential housing and for public, commercial and industrial buildings.

Y.M. Shoval 2000 Engineering and Construction, Ltd.

Shoval Engineering and Construction, Ltd., listed in the Registrar of Companies and the Registrar of Contractors, deals with entrepreneurship, planning, and executing construction projects.
The company was founded by Moshe Miller in 1985 as a partnership. Since then it has operated in intensive planning, management, and execution of projects in industrial and residential construction, and executing the finishes for large projects.

Boneh Reneh Group

Boneh Reneh is a private construction company owned by Anwar and Sa’id Bassul. It is a well-established company specializing in building residences, offices, and commerce and in developing projects with a high degree of financial solidity.

Euro Tower

Euro Tower, built by Mahmid Tawfik Furikat, is an exemplary creation with a spectacular view of the Haifa Bay.

DC – Daniel Center

Daniel Center is a unique, innovative beauty complex that provides a variety of beauty-care solutions under one roof. Daniel Center specializes in hair extensions, hair straightening, hair simulations, and permanent makeup. The professional staff at Daniel Center have rich and extensive experience in the field, offering each and every client a warm, personal, pampering service.

Julius Meinl Coffee

Julius Meinl is an international coffee brand originating from Austria that has been represented in Israel by A.B. Global Food Company since 2008. The company services more than 300 cafés, restaurants, and hotels.
Julius Meinl, a symbol of Austrian coffee culture and tradition for over 150 years, promises you coffee of premium quality.

My Baby Yarka

My Baby is a huge 20,000 square meter complex devoted to making children’s and parents’ dreams come true, while offering customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The store offers a huge selection of leading international premium products and brands at competitive prices. The complex contains endless attractions for children including the largest indoor amusement park in Israel.

Nitzanim – We Build Quality of Life

Nitzanim is a leading, well-established real-estate company in the Gush Dan metropolitan area with experience in initiating and constructing residential buildings from the aspect of urban renewal. Nitzanim believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its components, and accordingly we offer our customers a complete array of services that comprise the final product. We accompany our clients throughout the duration of the project – from the time they first contact us through the stages of planning, the financial support, the duration of the building process itself, and ending with the warranty period and maintenance years. Throughout the entire process, we are attentive to the wishes of our clients and strive to fulfill their every need.

Balance Club Chain

Balance Club is a leading chain of fitness and health clubs that specializes in physical fitness, health and training programs. The clubs are planned and designed according to the latest international trends in health and physical fitness and are equipped with a wide array of modern training and fitness equipment. The clubs’ staff of fitness trainers, studio instructors, and dieticians provide professional and friendly consultation with an emphasis on having an enjoyable training experience.

Laguf Hechadash (New Body)

Laguf Hechadash Fitness Club was established in 1987 as a home-based fitness club. We offer a huge variety of modern equipment that will help you get fit and stay fit. We believe in our human capital; therefore, our trainers are qualified to provide you with efficient, high-quality training.

Trisan – Kibbutz Gan Shmuel

Trisan is a leading company that supplies and manufactures raw materials for various food industries. The company is part of an international group that is involved in all stages of the production chain –cultivation, production, marketing, and sales.

“Dod Moshe” (“Old MacDonald”)

The “Dod Moshe” brand was born over ten years ago in the fields of the farms of the Ma’on District in the Eshkol Regional Council in the Western Negev. Since its inception, Uncle Moses has been the main supplier of premium-quality potatoes, carrots, radishes, and other vegetables for the local market and for export. Uncle Moses’s choice vegetables, the result of continual agricultural research and development, are considered top-quality agricultural produce on an international scale.

Shefi Optics Ltd.

Shefi Optics first opened in 1979 as a manufacturer of optical lenses for shops throughout Israel. The first official outlet store of Shefi Optics Ltd. opened in August of 1998 and currently serves more than 70,000 customers in three branches. The Shefi Optics Ltd. factory and outlet store are located at the Check Post in Haifa, and two other stores are located at Rav Mad in Kiryat Motzkin, and the Municipality Plaza in that same town.

The Philharmonic Luxury Project, Tel Aviv
Tarneem Perfume

Tarneem Perfume was established in early 2008 as a boutique shop, selling over 700 leading brands of perfume as well as other products, including handbags, watches, makeup and beauty products at reasonable prices. We cater to the needs of our customers down to the smallest detail and provide personal, customized service. We assure our clientele original, high-quality products imported directly from the brand manufacturers. We are the importers of all the perfumes sold in the shop.

Moo and Moo

Moo and Moo began 30 years ago as a high-quality family butcher shop. Ten years later the restaurant was added that serves Moo and Moo fresh top-quality meat products, which promise freshness and delicious flavor in every single dish.

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